We offer custom, high-quality, and affordable photo masking services. Our image masking services are available at affordable prices.Image masking is the process of marking the background around the object and ignores everything that’s outside. Simply put, masking is extracting an object or eliminating a background. Image masking is taking a photo and isolates an object in it from the rest of the image. Image masking is used, where the edges of the image or photo are not well defined for example hairs, fur products etc.

What image manipulation can do?

Image manipulation is capable of creatively altering an image or its components. It is a process that is used to enhance an image or make it look better or more suitable. Using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, images can be tweaked endlessly according to one’s needs. This technique has many forms, some of which are as follows.

  1. Object addition: To add an object or a person to an image
  2. Object removal: To remove an object or a person from an image
  3. Spots and wrinkles removal: To remove spots, stains, blemishes and wrinkles from objects or people in an image.
  4. Photo conversion: To convert photographs into cartoons, sketches or paintings etc.
  5. Watermark addition: To add watermarks to an image.
  6. Watermark removal: To removing watermarks from an image.
  7. Background replacement: To replace any unfit background of an image with a suitable one.
  8. Red eye removal: To remove the red eye from people in an image.
  9. Object manipulation: To change the size, color, hue etc of an object in an image.
  10. Background removal: To completely remove the background of an image.

Why choose us for image masking services?

  • We use the latest filters
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  • Translucent files provided
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