Get a custom T-Shirt Design for your business at Bishal IT. Our community of professional designers are ready to create the perfect T-Shirt for you. Businesses across the globe have used Bishal IT to get the right logo for your business. You can join us, simply start a T-Shirt design project today and get a T-Shirt you’ll love.

Our 4 Step Designing Process

Our streamlined 4 step designing process will ensure that your design will be fulfilled in 3 days upon submission of the design brief by you. You will receive quality and value in our designs for you, quickly and effectively.

  1. We will get a Design Brief from you.
  • Theme of your Design.
  • Number of colors you want in your design.
  • Preferred colors in your design.
  • Any graphics or elements you want us to include in your design.
  1. You will receive your design/designs in 3 Days.
  • Once your design is created by our designers, we will send them to you promptly.
  1. We will revise your design if required.
  • If you require modifications to the design, or a revamp of the whole design, we will do it for you.
  • Each revision may take up to 1 working days.
  1. We will submit our final design to you.
  • After the design revision is done as per your request, we will submit our final design to you.
  • Steps 2-4 will be repeated for further revisions, if you purchased our Eco, Pro & Advanced Designing Packages.



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