Images are often edited and manipulated for marketing purposes, as this is an innovative and creative way to reach out to your target audience. The right picture can speak a thousand words. If your organization is looking for expert image retouching services or if your portrait studio has thousands of images to be retouched within a fast turnaround time, then you have come to the right place.

Bishal IT has been working for years in providing Photoshop retouching services to global portrait studios, organizations, publishers, professional photographers, etc. Our highly trained team of photo editors specializes in using the latest photo editing and image retouching tools and can provide high-quality services as per the client’s requirements.

Bishal IT Photo Retouching Services

Photo retouching services is a time consuming process which requires both skill and expertise on behalf of the photo editing professional. We can retouch your digital photographs and make them look well-defined while adding the exact look that you desire. We work with a variety of image file formats such as JPEG, PSD, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PGF, RAW, etc. Some of the key image retouching services we provide include –

Product Photo Retouching
Bishal iT product photo retouching services provides you with an edge over other e-commerce websites. Our services can help you fix lighting problems, remove backgrounds, and enhance the product’s market appeal.

Portrait Retouching

Our portrait image retouching services ensure that the images look natural and realistic. We are well trained in providing professional looking images, while avoiding the use of airbrushing techniques which gives portrait photos a plastic appearance.

Real Estate Photography Retouching
Our real estate photography retouching services add an inviting atmosphere, proper lighting, and accurate scale to your real estate photos which are bound to attract property hunters. We try to negate the errors caused by cameras and make structural photos look realistic.

Commercial Photography Retouching
Our commercial photography retouching services ensures that we maintain your brand name and reputation. Our photo editors work with location images and corporate head shots to keep the business reputation at a level which supports your brand.

Amateur Photo Retouching
Our team also works with amateur photographers and helps them with photo retouching. Apart from this we also help them understand their cameras better and focus on the right techniques of photography.

Jewelry Retouching
We at Bishal IT have a dedicated team of editors who work with jewelry photographers, as well as both offline and online retailers. We retouch jewelry images by using shine enhancement, adjusting focus stacking, background removal, scratch removal, etc.

Wedding Photo Retouching
Our expert team of photo editors at Bishal IT ensures that your long-lasting wedding memories are portrayed in the best possible manner. We undertake all kind s of marriage photo retouching and post-processing services such as rehearsal photos, bridal portraits, etc.

Who Need Photo Retouching Service?

Peoples and different companies who involve with advertising service, photographic studio, modeling, web and print media, online product selling service, real state companies, etc. need photo retouching service to get more benefits from their business.

Why Choose Us

Retouching an image needs proper editing and visualizing skills as well as expertise in using different retouching tools. Our photo retouching professionals have worked with several marketing and digital publishing companies, and have a hands-on experience in delivering high-quality images within a short time. Outsource image retouching to us and benefit from the following –

  • Ability to save time, costs, and the hassle of hiring manpower to work on your images
  • We deliver images within a quick turnaround time and ahead of your schedule
  • Customized image retouching solutions based on client’s specific requirements
  • Well-trained team of photo editors proficient is using the latest photo retouching tools and technologies
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure with access to cutting edge photo editing tools
  • We handle both small and large volumes of retouching projects
  • High quality services at cost-effective prices